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Early Pregnancy
This class will provide you with the information you need to have a happy, healthy pregnancy. Topics covered include: discomforts of pregnancy (and how to feel better), healthy eating, exercise, and everything else you really need to know even if you’ve been pregnant before. Take this class as soon as possible. Expectant fathers are encouraged to attend also!

Prenatal Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is recommended as the best way to feed your baby. There is a lot to know, and the best time to learn is before the baby is born, ideally around 32 weeks (or 7 months). This class covers: preparation, getting off to a successful start, problems and how to deal with them, breast pumps and milk storage, and combining work and nursing. This class is for expectant fathers, too! There’s special information on how important dads can be!

Prepared Childbirth
Delivering a baby is a normal and natural experience, almost magical. Sometimes its quick, east and almost painless. Often it’s more involved. The more prepared a couple can be with knowledge about the process, the better the experience can be. This class is a small group experience for four nights, once per week. It covers the while birth process, physical and emotional, start to finish. What is labor, how to handle contractions, epidurals, C-sections, potential problems – it’s all there. Each session builds on the preceding one, so it’s very important to commit to all four classes.

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